BioPartnering 2010


Greetings from BiotechCorp,

Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (“BiotechCorp”) is pleased to announce BioPartnering 2010: Business Networking Session, a business networking event for biotechnology industry in Malaysia.

The event will be held as below:

Date : May 27, 2010 (Thursday)
Venue : Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Time : 8:00am to 6:30pm

According to global research house Frost & Sullivan, Malaysian biotechnology industry is expected to generate RM 4.5billion in revenue by 2013. In realizing this vision, Malaysia, through the National Biotechnology Policy is now moving from capacity building towards bringing science to business. Enhancing partnership between the researchers from the public sector and the industrial players is crucial to boost commercialisation and subsequently contribute towards revenue generation.

Therefore, BioPartnering 2010 is organised as a platform to bring together all key players in the biotechnology industry to enhance public-private partnership. 35 BioNexus Partners (BNP) laboratories and units will be showcasing the services, equipment and facilities available in their laboratories and units via the business networking and presentation sessions. This event is also aimed to create networking and career opportunities through industry-BNP partnering.

Key events during BioPartnering 2010 are:

  • BNP ‘Meet-the-Lab’ Sessions
  • Presentations on BNP Services/Equipment/Facilities in Industrial Biotechnology, Agricultural Biotechnology and Healthcare Biotechnology

Seize this opportunity to meet the right people at the right time to expand your network through this unique platform provided by BiotechCorp.

For registration, please click the button below:

Online RegistrationProgramme Agenda

For more information on BioPartnering 2010, please contact Ms Aida / Ms Christabel at 03-2116 5508 / 5586 or email triplehelix@biotechcorp.com.my.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (BiotechCorp) is a central contact point for biotechnology and life science companies in Malaysia. BiotechCorp is the industry’s one-stop-centre providing support, facilitation and advisory services.


Level 23, Menara Atlan
161B, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

T: +6 03 2116 5586  F: +6 03 2116 5528
E-mail: info@biotechcorp.com.my


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