I just coming back from Sarawak… attending the 10th Malaysian Society of Applied Science (MSAB) conference in Kuching, Sarawak… held in Merdeka Palace, the hotel which its lowest rate is RM 437 according to the map I bought… but from their website (just accessed) the lowest rate is RM 340++

In Kuching, we were not going to many places… Only to Sarawak Cultural Village and Kuching Waterfront, which is 10 minutes from our hotel, Borneo Hotel.

The poster I presented…

Masa tengah present

Masa tengah present

The books I won.. but the cover is different…



Although the scope is very huge, ranging from the animal study to molecular level, it is really nice to meet and chat with others about their research work…

So hope to see all of you in 11th MSAB in Kota Kinabalu… Hope so thus I may travel to Sabah… huhu..


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